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Tina Sampalis M.D., Ph.D. Founder & President


“I want to make sure that no child waits too long to be treated and that it receives all the health care it needs here and now”

Dr. Tina Sampalis MD, Ph.D. founder of Agoo, said one day, after a long wait in an emergency room with Peter, her 3 month old son.

Those words became the mission statement of Agoo Children’s Health and Wellness Center.

Since that moment she dedicated her life to Agoo with relentless pursuit and unconditional commitment, facing tremendous challenges that required herculean sacrifices and epic heroism.

Her tenacity, endless energy and multi-tasking intellect coupled with her deep routed knowledge of medicine and her superior business acumen made Agoo the paradigm of health care and a business success.

Tina’s short time on this earth ended on March 1, 2020; but her bright light will shine forever giving us strength and insight to carry on her dream.

Agoo, the first word spoken by Peter, is the legacy that our beloved founder has left and that will guide us to continue her mission and bring her vision of comprehensive, best possible health care to as many patients as we can.



Dr. Tina Sampalis' biography:

Trained in Medicine at the University of Patras (Greece), Dermatology at Göttingen University (Germany) and Marselisborg University (Denmark), Pediatric, General and Oncology Surgery at the University of Athens (Greece), graduate training (PhD) in Surgical Research at the University of Athens (development of Scintimammography) and a second PhD in Epidemiology and Experimental Surgery at McGill University (development of the Advanced Breast Biopsy Imaging - ABBI).

Her work has assisted the development of Scintimammography and the ABBI, an Advanced Breast Biopsy Imaging system which allows the microinvasive excision of breast tumours less than 1mm in diameter through a mechanically controlled digital robotic stereotactic surgical apparatus.

Inventor of novel patented omega-3 phospholipids as bioactive pharmaceutical ingredients effective for the prevention and treatment of hypertriglyceridemia (multiple patents worldwide).

Pioneered the worldwide industry for omega-3 phospholipids

In September 2013 Dr. Sampalis founded the “agoo Children’s Health & Wellness Center”, the first multidisciplinary comprehensive pediatric and adolescent children’s medical center.

Recipient of the Deka Innovation Award by The Hellenic Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, Innovation Award of 2011, Genesis Gala held by BioQuebec, Educational Speakers Bureau in the Canadian Faculty of Medical Speakers for Miraluma (Scintimammography) Breast Imaging, Educational Speakers Bureau in the United States Faculty of Medical Speakers for Miraluma (Scintimammography) Breast Imaging

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