What are specialized learning services?

Specialized learning services are also known as remedial education, developmental education or orthopédagogie in French.

According to the Association des Orthopédagogues du Québec [1], a specialized learning teacher is a professional working with school-aged children who are learning differently. He focuses on the global development of children and evaluates them in order to better intervene. The specialized learning evaluation consists of screening and identifying any academic difficulties presented by the learner in reading, writing or mathematics. Based on the evaluation, the intervention plans are personalized according to the child’s needs. These interventions, which can be performed individually or in a group, aim to prevent or rehabilitate slow learning in order to allow the learner to progress in an optimal fashion at school.

How to know if your child needs to be seen by a specialized learning teacher?

It is possible that school difficulties are reflected in certain behaviours. The teacher and you may notice that your child:
  • Lacks motivation
  • Gets tired more rapidly than others in his school work
  • Lacks self-esteem
  • Demonstrates anxiety when completing a school task
  • Exhibits difficulties to organize oneself
  • Lacks study strategies
  • Exhibits learning delays
  • Has a poor academic performance

*The use of the pronoun “he” is meant to alleviate the reading of this document.


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